What is remote jamming ?


When a person leaves their vehicle or home and pushes the remote to activate the locking and alarm system, a criminal pushes a similar remote at the same time effectively blocking the signal of the locking remote. This is called remote jamming, car jamming or carjam.


Remote jamming theft is a rising concern and it is important to note that it is not covered by your insurance as there is no forcible and/or violent entry into the vehicle.



Take these steps to avoid remote jamming


  • Never leave items of interest lying in full view on car seats while driving or when leaving your car parked.

  • Park your car in a secure car park where there are lots of other vehicles and ideally, security personnel.

  • Lock your car when driving and when leaving it parked. When using a remote, physically double-check that your car has in fact been successfully locked.

  • Empty your car at the end of each day to avoid it becoming cluttered with items that you don't want stolen.

  • Never leave house keys or important papers in your car.

  • Don't leave the car's registration papers in it.

  • Install an alarm system in your car.

  • Install window safety film.

  • Ensure that you have adequate insurance cover on portable possessions you carry with you on a regular basis.


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