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Home contents insurance covers everything in your house that you would take with you should you ever decide to move. Basically, if you turn your house upside down, it should cover everything that falls out. This includes your furniture, kitchen appliances, linen, clothing, electrical equipment and jewelry, etc. 

It is easy to underestimate the replacement value of your house contents. This can be an expensive oversight should something ever go wrong. What many policyholders do not realise is that if they do not insure their possessions at their replacement value they will suffer a financial loss, even if they have been diligently paying their insurance premiums every month. The emphasis is replacement value (the new prices) and not what you initially paid for it.


When you calculate how much house contents insurance you’ll need, start by listing all your belongings and work out how much it would cost to replace them new. Re-evaluate your contents at least once a year to make sure you are not under-insured.

Why is one in every three homes underinsured?


Underinsurance happens when your insured value is less than the actual replacement value of the contents of your house. In the event of a claim, your insurance will pay out on a pro-rata basis and you will receive less money than what it costs to replace your goods.

Sometimes house contents are under-insured because policyholders forget to adjust their policies as they acquire new items. For example, you could install an expensive sound system but neglect to increase your home contents cover.

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