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Criminals are constantly trying new ways to create easy access to properties. 


Criminals gain access to a property, trace the cables, and locate the external power box for the house. Once they have found it, they will return at a later stage and go directly to the box to cut the wires feeding power to the premises.


The cut wires will result in your Control Room getting low battery warnings. Homeowners often ignore the low battery warnings because this has been a regular occurrence because of load-shedding. The criminals return a couple of days later, once the system's battery has been depleted and breaks in.


To protect your home and family, we would like to suggest the following:


Ensure you know the location of your electricity box.
Check your box regularly to know if it was tampered with.
Check your wiring when your Control Room notifies you of a low battery warning.
Make sure the hedges and trees in your garden get trimmed regularly to avoid false alarms from the beams. After several false alarms, you may become complacent, which is when the criminals strike.
Your Alarm Control Room can fit a 24-hour tamper switch on your electrical box, which will set off the alarm indicating that someone has tampered with your electrical wiring.

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