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Your house is probably your single largest investment. If your house burns down and you were not insured, not only would you have lost your biggest asset, you would still be faced with paying back the balance of your mortgage in full. Building Insurance (also known as Home Owners Insurance) protects you financially against loss or damage to the actual physical structure of your home caused by perils such as fire, windstorms, hail, lightning, etc.

Important: If you own a property that is financed, you are required by the financial institution to have homeowners insurance. It is mistakenly believed that it’s compulsory to have homeowner’s insurance with the bank that granted your home loan. In fact, you can take out this type of cover with any insurer of your choice. It may also be beneficial to choose the company that is already insuring your house contents, car or other assets, as the company may offer a lower premium if you insure all your assets with them.

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